Write A Resume Objective For A Marketing Graphic Designer

A resume objective should be short and focused on producing results.

Writing a resume objective for a position as a marketing graphic designer requires some planning. It is important to mirror the language used in the job description to increase the relevancy of your resume to the position. Additionally, the objective should state what you can do for the company if you are hired, and why you are qualified. Be concise and reference all of these things in just one or two sentences.


1. Personalize the objective to fit the job description listed by the company. For example, if the company states that increasing brand awareness is part of the graphic designer job, include a reference to brand awareness in the objective.

2. Keep the objective under 50 words. Resume-Help.org states effective objectives are short and specific.

3. Focus on what you can do to help the company, rather than what you are looking for in a job. For example, “Increase brand awareness through graphic design.”

4. Include a short reference to your experience in the objective. For example, “Use the design skills I’ve built up over the past three years to increase brand awareness.”

5. Ensure the objective is persuasive. If you have no prior experience, don’t reference it; write something about your educational background and its relevance. For example, “Use my degree in marketing to increase brand awareness through graphic design.”

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