Write An Extended Reader Response

Extended reader response assignments help students explore their reactions to literature.

An extended reader response assignment presents students with a written passage for which they must write a one- to two-paragraph response. Students are given a writing prompt about the passage and are to write a response based on information from the passage. This is type of assignment is often used in junior high classrooms.


1. Read the writing prompt several times to make sure you understand exactly what it is asking for. Locate textual support, author’s words and personal connections within the text on which you’ll base your response.

2. Begin writing by restating the writing prompt. Restate it in your own words as much as possible. Be creative if you can.

3. Begin the body of the response by stating the first main idea. Follow this with textual support, author’s words and personal connections to the first main idea.

4. Repeat Step 4 for the second and third main ideas. Be sure that all the supports you find connect to the main ideas and the overall topic.

5. Finish the response with a conclusion that wraps up your essay without simply restating the prompt or introduction. Be as creative as you can.

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