Write Compare And Contrast Essays

Apples and oranges are common examples of things similar but different.

Compare and contrast essays can be one of the easiest essays to write if you know correctly format your paper. First, create an outline to help you with the flow of your paper, list the things that are the same and then list the differences of your two items. Once you have the similarities and differences in mind, you have the framework of your whole essay.


The introduction of a compare and contrast essay lets the reader know what you’re writing about and why. You also write your thesis statement in the introduction so the reader knows the point of your essay and what you hope to achieve by writing about it. Ideally, it should be approximately four or five sentences long. This brief overview of your paper completes your introduction.

Compare and Contrast

One way to write a compare and contrast essay is to write a paragraph describing your first item, then write about the second item in the next paragraph. A third paragraph is then used to compare and contrast the two topics chosen. The descriptive paragraphs give a basis for the comparison of the two items. The compare and contrast paragraph goes into detail about the similarities and then the differences of the two topics.

Side by Side

Alternatively, you may choose to show the similarities and differences in each sentence. This would entail you making a point of similarity then showing how they are different in the same sentence throughout the paragraph. For example, apples and oranges are both fruits, but apples grow in the North and oranges grow in the South. This side-by-side analysis makes it easy to see how your chosen topic is the same but also different.

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Your conclusion sums up the points made in your compare and contrast essay. This should revisit your thesis statement and how you proved your point in the paper. Review your topic in general terms in approximately four to five sentences to finish your essay. Your reader should know how and why the two things in your paper were the same but also different.